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Birthday Gifts, Personalized Gifts, Personalised Gifts, Story Books
Unique Gifts, Birthday Gifts, India, Personalized Story Books Exciting Gifts, Gifts For kids, Boy Gifts, Girls Gifts India
Publisher of Personalised Story Books in India. Each book is individually printed as per order. A unique gift for all occasions. A special Birthday gift for kids Send a gift to your beloved one’s in India.

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Personalized Gift,Personalised Gift,Personalized Story Book,Personalised Story Book
Personalised Story Books IandMyStory Review and Giveaway Today's post is a review and giveaway of Personalised Story Books by 'I and My Story', a company based in India. Keep reading to find out how three of you can win a book too! Just like all kids my daughter loves to be the center of attention! She thinks the world revolves around her, and guess what? She is right. At least my world revolves around her, and I like to make her feel special with every chance I get. So, personalised gifts are popular in our house. And my daughter loves to read and loves to be read to. ...more " I gave my daughter her new books to read when she got back from school. ...more"
Iandmystory Personalized Storybooks for Kids {Review + Giveaway} Imagine a story book where the main character is your child! What kid won’t love that! What if their best friends and siblings are also a part of that storybook. WOW!!! Won’t this make the best personalized birthday gifts and awesome return gifts for kids. Children have a vivid imagination and it doesn’t matter what story their mind conjures up whether that of a princess or a mermaid, of a ninja or a car racer, they usually like to be the star of their own story. ...more " Not only are these books a great gift for children but they are also awesome for encouraging kids to read, help their vocabulary and boost their self esteem. ...more" Recently, we received a couple of story books – all personalized for Pari. If you're like me who loves the art of gifting, I'm sure an occasion to give gift turns into a creative project for you. It does – for me. I never consider it a 'task' to tick off of my To-Do list. It's an opportunity to churn the creative juices – and come up with something that'll surprise the receiver. Nothing expensive or elaborate but something that just makes the receiver go – 'aha'. (smiles1) ...more " Personalized Story Books from 'I and My Story' – Review and Giveaway (International) ...more"
I and my story: Personalized books for your children I happened to land on the I and my story website when I got their email in my inbox and on recommendation from a friend. I must also compliment a lot of young entrepreneurs today who have great informative websites and understand that the customers need to see their offerings online. ...more " I thought that was nice, as it could always be memories of who gave you the book, which year on what occasion. ...more"
Book Review: Intellitots Intellitots was founded three ago by professionals from different fields with a passion for education and a strong belief that 'Early Years Matter!' In the last three years Intellitots has grown to become the international preschool of choice for expats and discerning parents in Gurgaon with more than 15 nationalities represented in the parent body ...more " They are easy to read books and the rhyming words make them extremely popular with the kids. ...more"
The CNBC Awaaz story covered the range of personalised DVD's ...more"
The CNBC Awaaz story covered the range of personalised story books ...more"
Give your child his share of fame by making him the hero of the storybooks he reads. Here's a firm that helps you with it A new concept from an animation firm called 'I and My Stories' is ready to personalise the world of flying carpets, magical lamps and wicked wizards for your li'l ones. We lead you into their wonder world ...more "What if your beti turned Alice? ...more"
Over the years, you’ve wracked your brains to create innumerable adventures that enshrine your child as the star of the story. Sensing a business opportunity, a website called has created a package that makes it easy for your child and her friends to be transported on to the pages of a storybook ...more "Your kids can now star in their own books, reports....more"
Palak Saxena isn’t an ordinary Class I student, she is a princess who lives in a seaside castle with her parents, a king and queen, and spends her evening dancing the ballet on the beach. "I even have a book written on me," she says ecstatically, pulling out an illustrated hardcover called The Ballerina Princess ...more " "Children become heroes in customised books, fuelling their interest in reading ...more"
Taking the phrase "custom-made" a step further, an online book store, "", has come out with personalised versions of books wherein, at a price, the storyline is modified and the main characters assigned names as per individual orders ...more" "Now read your child's favourite adventures where the characters are named after the child and his friends and associates...more"
You have to choose a story, fill out your personal details online and a personalised book gets delivered to you at the lowest cost. The publishing house has popular as well as new stories in genres of cricket and sports, fairy tales, fantasy, space and future, stories with an Indian flavour and Panchatantra stories ...more " "Me and my fairy tale ...more"
Good family Special Rakhi Gift :- For a cute-as-a-button little brother, get a unique personal storybook. Just log on to to order his favourite storybook ...more " "Good Housekeeping"
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