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Title: You Are The Star

Date : 23-Apr-2009

By : Dipanita Nath

Posted On: Apr 23, 2009 at 2335 hrs IST

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Children become heroes in customised books, fuelling their interest in reading

Custom-made books have seen a resurgence in the past six to eight months, a major web portal —— publishing such titles for young readers. “Children are the heroes of these stories, which range from tales like Panchatantra and Pinocchio to stories drawn from everyday life," says Rajiv Aggarwal of i&mystory, a Preet Vihar based website.

In Noida, 10-year-old cricket-crazy Pulkit Jain flips animatedly through his personalised book. It chronicles his biggest dream, playing in the cricket team of his school Amity International, Noida. The book, called You Are The Champ begins with Pulkit feeling “a bit grumpy, a bit left out" because “being a shy boy, he hadn’t gone for the (cricket) selection matches even though he would have loved to play for the school". Then, in a fairy tale-like twist, Pulkit not only plays but actually hits a six off the last ball to pull off a stunning victory. “Feels very good," he grins, adding that You Are The Champ is his favourite read, and possibly the only one that matches his fascination with video games.

As Pulkit points out, the best part of the books is that the characters are drawn from people around him. For example, three of his friends feature as side characters while parents, grandparents and cousins are among those that children encounter when they read the stories. Pinocchio begins with the child’s father building a puppet, while True Friends, a Panchtantra story, talks about Mom’s surprise lunch menu. As Ritu Gupta, principal, Sneh International, points out, “These personal touches help a child relate to the storyline. In the process, they begin to appreciate books and reading," she says. Though customised books are too new to have made a deep impact on children’s reading habit, Gupta believes they have potential. Aggarwal insists that the company’s research has shown that “customised stories also shape children’s narrative skills. Young children, love to read out their stories and the right diction and expression comes naturally to them. Also, children don’t like to throw away these books, so they will learn a valuable lesson in building a library."

The books, priced at Rs 389 includes the shipping charges, and have sold more than a thousand books in the NCR alone. Personalised books have become popular birthday gifts as well. The publishers will introduce several other titles this summer, though Pulkit’s wishlist, “A customised storybook in which I grow up with Harry Potter" will not hit the shelves anytime soon.

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