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Title: Your kids can now star in their own books, reports Richa Jha

Date : 02-Jun-2009

Over the years, you’ve wracked your brains to create innumerable adventures that enshrine your child as the star of the story. Sensing a business opportunity, a website called has created a package that makes it easy for your child and her friends to be transported on to the pages of a storybook. You choose a story based on her interests, fill out a form with her personal details and in less than a week, the book featuring your child as the protagonist, will be at your doorstep.

There’s more to personalised books than just vanity. “By making kids the star of the storyline, we hope to encourage a lifelong culture of reading, collecting and cherishing books among them,” said Rajiv Aggarwal, who owns Delhi’s Virtual Store, which has partnered with Vienna’s AIV Ventures to bring the books to India.

The website offers eight stories that can be individualised. There are five categories: adventure, sports, classic (a Pinocchio story and a magic carpet story), a fairytale and a space adventure. In a couple of months, the website will also have stories on environmental awareness and the relevance of God and nature to our lives, Aggarwal said.

Computers make the process of personalised publishing easy and cheap. The pages with the illustrations are already ready, as is the text for each page. Only the child’s name needs to be inserted, which is done by a computer package when the customer places an order online. The titles are available for two age groups: five to eight and nine to 12. While the illustrations and storylines are common to both groups, the junior group gets a book with fewer words and a larger font. “It was just a question of making the text simpler by using fewer and smaller words while retaining the essence of the plot,” explained Sanjiv Aggarwal, who wrote the space story, titled Skippy’s Galactic Mission.

Because these are essentially picture books, they are unlikely to hold the attention of kids older than nine or ten. But the stories – by writers such as Arundhati Deosthale, an editor with the publishers A&A Book Trust, and Sanjiv Aggarwal, a business executive and freelance writer – are well told. The illustrations give the stories an Indian mooring. The kurti-and-jeans-clad mom in The Naughty Fairy, for instance, gives the book a contemporary, urban feel. There’s another charming little detail in the books: the page numbers come encased in an image that fits the theme of the book, such as a cricket ball or a toadstool.The production quality is excellent and you can add customised messages and dedications on the first page.

Humank Nagar, an 11-year-old who studies in Vidya Sanskar International, was gifted two of these books by his parents. He’s so excited, he displays the books to everyone who visits their home. “As a kid, I remember imagining myself in the stories I would read, and wondering what it would feel like to be the main character of the tale,” said his mother, Nisha Nagar. “Now it’s actually possible!”

Visit to order. Hardback books are 9”x12”. Rs 389, inclusive of delivery. Delivery across India within seven days.

Source : Time Out Delhi

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