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Title: What if your beti turned Alice?

Date : 11-Jun-2009
Description: By: Kumar Saurav, Delhi

Ref from MID DAY :What if your beti turned Alice?

Give your child his share of fame by making him the hero of the storybooks he reads. Here's a firm that helps you with it

Yeah, we know, your daughter wouldn't sleep without hearing out a fairytale, because it's Alice's wonderland, talking parrots, prince charmings and forests of fantasy that lead her to sweet dreams. A new concept from an animation firm called 'I and My Stories' is ready to personalise the world of flying carpets, magical lamps and wicked wizards for your li'l ones. We lead you into their wonder world.

Comic capers: What could be more thrilling for a child than to be the star of an exciting adventure? The entire series is customised, in the sense that the characters will be named after your children and their friends. The tales come to life with the child's name, age, hometown, family, friends and relatives all being part of the adventure. Just imagine the kind of high your son would get when he reads a story that has been woven around him and his classmates! This way, he will be encouraged not only to read the book over and over again, but also to aspire to be a hero and good human being in real life. You can even make a special dedication inside, so that your kid cherishes it even when it's time for him to narrate stories to his daughter or son.

Fables or allegories?

Each book has one story. The books range from traditional fair y tales and animal stories to futuristic space adventures. At the end of every story are educational and life-skill messages. For example, if the story is about cricket, at the end of the book, beautiful illustrations will describe the terminologies of the game. "The language is easy to comprehend, and the topics are such that every child can relate to," said Rajiv Aggarwal, owner. The products are targeted for the age group of five to 12 years. The text size and content is adapted for different ages. The books can be personalised for occasions like birthdays, school award functions and return gifts. Currently, there are eight books in the collection You Are The Champ, Birth Day Surprise A Naughty Fairy, True Friends of A Panchatantra Story, My Unusual Friend Pinocchio, Space Adventure Skippy's Galactic Mission, The Legacy of Adventure Treasure Hunt, Unforgettable Day At The Zoo and Wondering Carpet.

For generations to come: The books, available in the size of 9x11", have been designed and manufactured keeping in mind a good shelf life. Each book is individually printed and hand bound with hardback wipeable cover. Illustrations are rich. Now you know how to get your get your brat hooked to a good hobby, we hope?
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